Auto Broker



 The  Global Specialty Brokers  is a full service exotic and luxury dealer, car broker and marketing agency. Our private owner services are custom-tailored and aimed at selling your car fast for the most amount of money. Our experience, services, technology and most important our results cannot be beat!! Exotic cars, auto brokers and luxury automobiles are our specialty.



 Whether you are buying or selling, your personal concierge works directly with you every step of the way to make sure your entire GSB experience is 100% enjoyable. Our services are custom tailored to meet the needs of each client and any vehicle we are in contract with. The level of services we provide to exotic car owners have never been seen before. 



 At GSB we do third party 155 point ASE certified inspection on every car we are in contract with. We protect the buyer and seller at all times. We will arrange for your car to be inspected, even at your home or office. Every aspect of the certification process we handle for you. 

Professional Photography


 To ensure maximum price for your car, professional photographs must be taken. We will dispatch a local professional photographer to take a full set of photos of your car. We then color correct each photo to ensure they accurately portray the perfect color, detail, and condition of your car. Red paint will be red, not pink, a black interior will look black, not washed out due to photo overexposure. Once color corrected we then put the photos in strategic viewing order to best tell your cars story. And yes…you will receive a full set photos for keepsake. 



 The description of the exotic is a critical component to get right when marketing such a car. Before we start writing a description we will gather all of the information about your car, including the options, service history, remaining warranty information, vehicle condition report, Carfax, and comparables in the market. Once we have all the information, we then compose a professionally edited vehicle description by one of our on staff car enthusiast copywriters. 



 At this point your car is ready to be syndicated for literally the world to see. Your car will be displayed, optimized and monitored on each of the major listing sites + dozens more. If you chose it in your package, we will build out a custom website for your car and market it on Google using highly targeted text and display campaigns along with remarketing.